Oct 172012

Hrudayi Raha Re Dayaghana by Various Artists

Dear Listeners,

We want to say a big Thank You to Sri Arun Saraf Ji for sending us the CD for our listeners. Sri Arun Saraf Ji has himself written the lyrics and composed music for this album. Songs have been soulfully sung by Suresh Wadkar, Ravindra Sathe and Kishore Deshmukh.

Message from Shri Arun Saraf ji…

Sir ji,  I am a very small artist, with big passion for music. I have been blessed with songs that come to me with the grace of the God. It’s a fascinating experience when a bhajan takes its beautiful form. Mostly of the time both words and tune come to me hand-in-hand and give me an ecstatic experience.  

I strongly believe  God and Baba exist in each of us .. they are the real Chetana in us .. It is only us like brat children hold his hand for a while and leave it ever now and then . ..We just need to let him hold him our hand and then he will never leave us!! 

One of my bhajans in the album, says .. which I totally believe:

Oh God, you are my silence and you are my words.
It’s you who chant through me “Vithal Vithal” …

Thank you so much and may Baba bless all.

Kind Regards,

 Please enjoy !

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