Oct 072010

Dehachi Tijori

Dehachi tijorii, bhaktichach theva

This body is a safe for devotion only

Ughad daar deva aata, ughad daar deva

Open the door, Lord, please open the door

Pite doodh dole mituni, jaat manjarachi

The cat’s nature is to drink the milk with her eyes closed

Mani chortyachya ka re bhiti chandanyachi

Why is there fear of moonlight in the heart of the thief?

Saravalya hatannahi kampa ka sutava

Why do expert hands tremble when they do something wrong

Ughad daar deva aata, ughad daar deva…………

Open the door, Lord, please open the door

Ujedaat hote punya, andharaat paap’

Good deeds are done in daylight; evil, always in the darkness

Jyache tyache hati aahe kartavyache maap

Everyone has the measure of responsibility in his own hands.

Dushta durjananchi kaisi ghade lokseva

How can evil people do community service

Ughad daar deva aata, ughad daar deva…………

Open the door, Lord, please open the door

Swarth janu bhintivarcha aarasa bilori

Greed is like the tricky mirror on the wall

Aapulich pratima hote, aapulich vairi

Its our own reflection, and is our own enemy

Ghadoghadi apradhaancha tol savarava

From time to time the crime must be balanced

Ughad daar deva aata, ughad daar deva…………

Open the door, Lord, please open the door

tujhya hati panduranga tijori tutavi

This safe should be broken by your hands O Krishna

Muktapane bhakti majhi tujhi tu lutaavi

Freely you should loot me of your devotion

Marga tujhya raulacha, mala haa kalava

I should understand your way of enlightenment

Ughad daar deva aata, ughad daar deva…………

Open the door, Lord, please open the door

Bhalepansaathi koni bure pana kela

To do a good deed, sometimes people do bad things,

Bandhanat asuni vela jagi mukta zala

Though they are bound by earthly desires, without their knowledge they are free.

Aapulyach saukhyalahii karil to heva

A person will also envy his own happiness

Ughad daar deva aata, ughad daar deva….

Open the door, Lord, please open the door

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  15 Responses to “Dehachi Tijori Bhaktichach Theva”


  2. My father send this video song to me and even I didn’t understood the exact meaning but still had devoted feelings. I am glad to know the meaning of this bhajan.
    Thank you so much!!

  3. I am from Tamil Nadu not knowing marathi or the meaning of the song I listen very very often. Now knowing the meaning it has become more favourite. Thanks for those posting meaning. May Panduranga bless you!

  4. Thank you for the translation. . Did not know the last paragraph until I saw here. . Thanks very much

  5. Thank you very much sir. I have been searching the meaning for long time.

  6. Thank u for sharing the meaning

  7. Jai HO!!! This is a pearl. Thanks for lyrics and excellent translation, my kids can read.

  8. Thank you very much for the translation.

  9. Very nice and peaceful meaning…Thanks

  10. very enlightening translation and very useful for me to teach all my boys in Aniket Orphanage Home, New Panvel. Reflections on one line each day with responses of children when they have faced situations are very enriching for me as well as for the children-likeAapulich pratima hote, aapulich vairi-Good work Anandi-Hoping for more such from you-BR

  11. awesome song…….good job of translation……..

  12. best marathi bhakti song!!

  13. It’s a very good trnaslation. Keep it up more. Thanks

  14. Anandi, Fantastic translation, very enlightening, keep it up! :-))

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