Mar 252012

The Power of Gayatri Mantra, Sung by various famous singers

The Power of Gayatri

Updated on March 29th : As requested by our devotee listeners, we provide the translation of the mantra. Please forgive us if there are any mistakes or typo here.

Word by word meaning of Gayatri
Om – the primeval sound
Bhur – the physical world, this earth
Bhuva – the mental world
Svaha – the spiritual world
Thath – That (the Paramatma)
Savitur – The Sun, Creator
Varenyam – the most adorable, highest
Bhargo – Luster, Effulgence, tejas
Devasya – Supreme Lord
Dhimahi – we meditae upon
Dhiyo – intellect, understanding
Yo – who
Naha – our
Prachodhayat – enlightens, guides

We meditate on the most adorable and effulgent Supreme Spirit (The Sun) who directs and inspires our intellect and understanding !

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  1. Excellent….Excellent….Very soothing -Very inspirational Gayatri Mantra-If you add meaning of Manta in Hindi and English,It would add value.

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