Jan 282009

A parable in the Puranas mentions about Devarshi Narad’s long journey aimed at reviewing the status of spiritual developments on the earth. Narad had to encounter with people’s common queries like – ‘How to find God?’ ‘Why is it so difficult to realize Him?’ Wherever he went, people asked him to suggest easy ways by which they could feel thy presence without hard practices of penance and of the testing sadhanas. Narada then promised the people that he would get proper guidance in this regard from the God Himself.

On his return, Narad asked God Vishnu – “Oh, Lord! it is so difficult for the people to feel thy presence. Kindly tell us about the method that can be easily followed and practiced by every aspirant of thou realization. God Vishnu then replied –

Naham Vasami Vaikunthe Yoginam Hradaye Na Va |
Mada Bhaktah Yatra Gayanti Tatra Tisthami Narada || – Narada Samhita

Meaning: Narad! I neither reside in the Vaikuntha (heaven), nor in the hearts of the Yogis. I live in the devotional music. (That is, one can easily feel the presence of God by practising Bhajana, Kirtana – devotional prayers with music).

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