Nov 032010

Emperor Akbar was known for his generosity, good nature and love for the arts. He patronised artists irrespective of their religious background. Akbar wanted to test the artist in Birbal. One day, he asked birbal if he could draw a portrait of the Emperor. Modestly, Birbal agreed and drew a reasonably good protrait of Akbar. Akbar called a few ministers and asked them to reviw the portrait. The first one saw the picture from various angels and different distances. He took the artist’s brush and put a dot at a particular spot.

” Hey, this does not look like the Emperor ! ”  he said. Another followed suit. He looked at it up and down and majestically put another dot. ” Oh, this spot certainly is the one not resembling the Emperor, ” he declared with authority. Another few ministers were also waiting for this opportunity. They all put dots here and there.
Emperor Akbar said, ” Birbal, how come there are so many dots these people have put on it? But the whole picture looks like me no doubt ! ”  ” Yes, Your Majesty ! I have done a reasonable job. Let me see if these persons can daw a neat one without these blemishes, or atleaset correct the spot they marked.  Kindly call them to do this job,” Birbal requested.
When the ministers heard this, they began excusing themselves. ” Oh no ! The picture was good anyways, but I meant that it could be improved. ” Each one had some excuse or the other and withdrew from the offer in utter embarrassment.
Moral : – Criticism comes easy. If you cannot say something nice for someone, atleast refrain from pin pointing and criticizing their creativity and efforts.
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