Jan 022010

A New Year Gift to all the devotees from Saidarbar.

The First Ever FREE Mobile “Shirdi Sai” WebApp for your iPhones, iPods and Mobile Phones. Any phone with Internet facility can now see this WebApp from Safari or any similar browsers on their Phones.



* Meditate With Sai Chant,* View Shirdi Sai Gallery

 * Listen to Aarti’s/Bhajans* Videos from Youtube

 * Audio Sai Satcharita,* Satcharita in various languages

 * Various Newsletters,* Google Search: Shirdi Sai

Please also look at the Ads. at the bottom of the App pages, to support the site’s current and future development. Also if you would like to help by being a Sponsor, kindly let us know.

Please FW this e-mail to all, so everyone can get the benefit of this new WebApp and New Year gift from Saidarbar.

For any technical issues, please contact info@worldofsai.com

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