Nov 252009

There is no shortage of people who are filled with all sorts of explanations about why they cant help doing what they do. The truth is that your best guardian angels [ whether they be parents, teachers, ministers or friends ] are the ones who dont buy bad excuses.

” I have come to speak to you about your work, ” said the Angel-who-attends-to things. ” It appears to be unsatisfactory. ” ” Indeed ! ” said the man. ” I hardly see how that can be. Perhaps you will explain.” ” I will ! ” said the Angel. ” To begin with, the work is slovenly.” ” I was born heedless, ” said the man. It is a family failing which I have always regretted.” ” It is ill put together, too, ” said the Angel. ” The parts do not fit. ” ” I never had an eye for proportion, ” said the man. ” I admit it is unfortunate. ”

” The whole thing is a botch, ” said the Angel. ” You have put neither brains nor heart into it, and the result is ridiculous failure. What do you propose to do about it? ” ” I credited you with more comprehension, ” said the man. ” My faults, such as they are, were born with me. I am sorry that you do not approve of me, but this is the way I was made. Do you see? ”

” I see! ” said the Angel. He put out a strong white hand, and taking the man by the collar, tumblem him neck and crop into the ditch. ” What is the meaning of this? ” cried the man, as he scrambled out breathless and dripping. ” I never saw such behaviour. Do you see what you have done? You have ruined my clothes, and nearly drowned me besides.” ” Oh yes ! ” said the Angel. ” This is the way I was made. “

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