Apr 212009

Akbar, a great king from ancient India, and Birbal, his advisor, were walking together on the street one day. They passed by a sandalwood dealer and Akbar told Birbal, ” I dont know why but I feel like hanging this man.” One month passed and the two of them walked past the same sandalwood dealer again. This time Akbar said, ” Its strange but I feel like giving this man some endowment today! How is it possible?

Birbal replied, ” O King ! A month back, the sandalwood dealer’s business was suffering and when he saw you walking past he thought to himself, ” If the king dies, the courtiers would come to buy a lot of sandalwood from me for his funeral pyre.”

He sent out these negative vibrations which prompted you to feel hatred towards him. That is why last time you felt like hanging him without any real reason. I immediately purchased a lot of sandalwood from him to make tables and chairs for our kingdom. It made him very happy. Today, he feels very grateful to you for it. You are now struck by these positive vibrations from him and therefore you feel like giving him some endowment! ”

Parmahamsa Nithyananda says ” Gratitude makes you resonate with Existance and transforms you into a beautiful being.”

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  1. Awesome! I love Parmahansa Yoganda… thanks for sharing,,,,. looking out for more…
    In Sai’s Love and Light, namita

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