Mar 172010

Mail by Sai Devotee Rana Gill

Last few posts were invitations for Shirdi Sai Babaji Bhajan Sandhya. It is my pleasure that Babaji has made me a medium to spread His name in this unique manner. Every such bhajan sandhya comes to me as a surprise with no prior planning and within few days, with grace and willing of Shirdi Sai Babaji, everything gets settled through His devotees only. In this way Shirdi Sai Babaji has given a chance to all of us to work in His name without any selfish motive.

Laxmi Narayan Temple is biggest temple in Surrey. Every year during Navratri festival Mataji Di Chowki is organised. With immense grace and blessings of Mataji i have started writing and singing bhajans of Mataji and this year i have been given privilege to sing bhajans on this occasion.

I am glad to invite you, your family and friends on this auspicious Mataji Di Chowki on March 20, 2010, receive blessings of Mataji and enjoy the bliss. Please feel free to volunteer this service on your part to distribute and share this information to your friends. The event’s invitation is as under:

Mata Di Chowki Invitation

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