Apr 272010

A is for AMBITION which elevates you to higher ideals.

B is for BROTHERHOOD which links one and all together.

C is for CEANLINESS which good boys and girls should cultivate.

D is for DADDY who works hard for our health and education.

E is for ENTHUSIASM which is the first step for reaching success.

F is for FRIENDSHIP which can never be bought but can easily be won with love.

G is for GOD and GURU who made us and love us and helps us to live and love.

H is for HEALTH which is our greatest wealth.

I is for IMMORTALITY which is gained through great sacrifices and selfless deeds.

J is for JOY which brightens our days and sweetens our lives.

K is for KINDNESS which is a miracle to drive sadness away and bring sunshine to the poor, weak and sick.

L is for LOVE which like the sun warms itself and the others around.

M is for MOTHER who is divine and the very symbol of sacrifice, whose only concern is our welfare.

N is for NOBILITY which is the brightest jewel of our character.

O is for OBEDIENCE which we must always show to mother, father, teacher and guru.

P is for PRAYER which si the greatest solace and protection under all circumstances.

Q is for QUIET which is so precious and rare because in the quietude of our heart God speaks to us.

R is for RIGHTEOUSNESS which we must imbibe in all our thoughts, words and deeds.

S is for SMILE which is a contagious joy.

T is for TRUTH which is to be adhered to at all times.

U is for UNITY – united we stand, divided we fall.

V is for VICTORY – victory of goodness over evil.

W is for WORK which is dedicated service and a key to win God’s love.

X is for (E) XCELLENCE which is gained by sincere and regular studies.

Y is for YOUTH which is the best period for striving to reach our goal.

Z is for ZEAL which helps in all our endeavours.

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