Mar 302012

Mandodari was the wife of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. In Ramayana she is portrayed as a profoundly chaste and exceptionally virtuous woman. She was calm, majestic and whole-heartedly devoted to Ravana. Even Hanuman when he came to Lanka, mistook her for Sita.

Mandodari had warned time and again that he was guilty in abducting Sita and none could vanquish Rama. Her virtuous life made her keenly aware of the law of retribution. She told Ravana that the tears of a chaste wife do not fall in vain on the ground and that Ravana would be burnt by the fire of Sita’s devotion to Rama.

In spite of her advice, when she found Ravana to be adamant in his decision, she silently bore the pain and prepared herself to face the ultimate ruin. Majestic in her tears, she stands facing the tragic consequences of having married Ravana.

Mandodari is an exemplar for chaste life and single minded devotion to one’s husband.

Manu declares that where women are honoured there the Gods are pleased; where they are not honoured all endeavours become futile. This is not a mere eulogy but a lofty truth. For, women represent ” Shakti “, power. Without power nothing is achieved.

— Courtesy ” Great Women of India ” published by Shri Ramakrishna Math.

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