Radio Schedule


24 X 7 Non Stop Radio Daily Schedule

Unless otherwise mentioned below , all times are in Shirdi (India) Standard Time


Program Information

04:30 AM Kakad Aarti followed by Sai Snan Mantra (Vishnu Sahasranaam & Purush Sukta)
09:00 AM Festival / Events / Holiday’s Special
10:00 AM Bhajans & Devotional Songs
11:00 AM Sai Amritvani on Every Thursday at 11 AM (Indian Standard Time), Sai Mahima, Sai Chalisa, Sai Dohavali, etc. on other days
12:00 PM Madhyanah Aarti
05:00 PM Qawaalis , Naats , Sufi Music (Only every Friday & Sunday)
06:00 PM Dhoop Aarti
10:00 PM Shej Aarti

Non Stop bhajans and songs will be played between the two programs. More programs are getting lined up so please keep visiting this page.

Please send in your inquires if you are interested to DJ live programs, talks shows, devotee’s interviews, program events and announcements related to our beloved Sai Baba. Would love to hear if my Sai loving brothers and sisters would like to hear anything in particular and not listed in the above list.

This is  our Sai Bhakti Radio, all suggestions and feedback (positive and negative) are most welcome.

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  29 Responses to “Radio Schedule”

  1. Om Sai Ram. From Amritsar, listening daily, excellent radii but nit working for last 15 days.Please resolve the issue.

  2. Thanks .

  3. Om Sri Sai Ram to all.

  4. Great website….A musical way to express the devotion for BABA

  5. muje ring tong bhejni hai

  6. This is the most revered sai bhakti radio station rendering sai bhakti bhavana to every listener all over the world. Please add Marathi bhajans sung by various artists also.

  7. om sai sree sai jaya jaya sai chant every day atleast 108 times

  8. jai sai ram

  9. Wonderful! website. Blessed to be tuned to this 24hr Sai radio. Thanks to people who made this possible.

  10. What a wonder-full age we live in at the moment I am 6000 miles from Shirdi & it reminds me listening to these Bhajans as if I am in Shirdi as I was in 1979,1981 hope Baba allows me to be in Shirdi soon Sai Ram A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO THE TEAM who have put this site together Sai Ram Keep up the good work

  11. thanks for providing this wonderful website dedicated to my saibaba i enjoy this radio site i feel peace of mind and feel saibaba on my every side……sai bless u …………….tk care om sainath.

  12. Thanks for updating for festivals.Its will be wonderful to hear mata bhajans in navratras.
    In Sai’s Love and Light,namita

  13. Jai sai ram
    Today`s schedule i.e shivratri splecial was excellent…..very delighted to here such lovely stuti`s and bhajans os shri shiv sai!!
    thank you!!
    Jai sai ram

    • Jai Sai ram bhai
      THis weeks album is really too good..It has grt qawallis and bhajans!!all very new ones…
      Jai Sai ram

    Where do I list my request for choice of Bhajans.
    Also please set up a jukebox so that one can listen to his/her own choice

    • Jai Sairam Rajeev Brother,

      Please register and you will see Sai Bhajanavali button just below the radio link. Explore the jukebox to select songs and/or albums into your playlist. Listen your playlist selection using any of your favorite player.

      About request for Dedication / Aap Ki Farmaish , you will see a request form very soon today.

  15. I too have a great collection of Sai Bhakti songs
    its just that i do not have lyrics on all if the Saibhakt who runs this site can upload for everyones use it will be a central place for people to be lost in their love n devotion of Sai

  16. Jai Sai Ram,

    Thanks very much for your kind words of appreciation, but as the bhajans says Mera aap ki krupa se sab kaam ho raha hain, karte te tau tum ho sai mera naam ho raha hain… Its all due to the grace of Sri Sai and devoted listeners like you all otherwise I could not have done it.

    Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all !

  17. Its awesome!! It is a wonderful work and shows your immense love for Saibaba. Thank you for sharing. The songs are too good and it is becoming very hard to stop playing the radio.

  18. It is really good ………..Thanks for the guys who developed this website .

  19. Dear Sir,

    Pls sir there is an humble request if you can add marathi songs of sai there are so many good songs if you want i can give you all the marathi songs pls reply me if you can.

    • Jai Sai Ram Rajesh,

      Sure, I would increase the frequnecy of playing more marathi songs, any particular songs or album you like the most ? We do play albums like but now limited to : Sai Palkhichi Gajar, Sainchi Palkhi , Popular Abhang Albums, Chalga Sakhe Shirdi La – Sai Marathi Bhajans, Sai Cha Darbar, and many more.

      Please do let me know by your reply, if you prefer email you can reach me directly using the Contact link above.

      -Sai Bhakt

      • Jai Sai Ram..
        The marathi bhajans that u have added are very good…and there was one song in south indain language i dnt understand it at all but it was pleasent to ears.

  20. u have a very good schedule. can u put aartis or other prayers sung in mandir also??

  21. Liked the schedule so far

    • JAi Sai Ram
      Dear Bhai
      this is an excellent bhajan qwalli on baba by hamsar hayat nizami…the wordings show total devotion towards baba…great lyrics please can u post that we can learn it!!thank you
      Jai Sai ram

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