Mar 102009

Dear Sai Brothers & Sisters,

Under this section from here after we will be posting uploads of “Shri Sai Sumiran Times” magazines available for download or reading them in pdf format.

If you would like to subcribe to hard copy , please contact Anju ji at

Also if you have any issues downloading or reading this , please contact us using the site contact links from the menu.

March 2009 (Hindi)

March 2009 (English)
(article on our Sai Bhakti Radio)



February 2009 (Hindi) February 2009 (English)



Janurary 2009 (Hindi) Janurary 2009 (English)



Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all !

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  2. JAY SAINATH, Please add me to your email mailing list
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    Piyush Patel
    Vadodara – Gujarat – India

  3. Jai sai ram

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