Jan 282009

Dear Sai Brothers & Sisters,

Please enjoy this wonderful 10 videos of all the songs from a very famous audio album, “Tujhe Sai Milenge” … From T-Series. We all loved listening to these songs, now lets enjoy viewing them while we listening to it. Lets try to post some or all the lyrics from this album.

1 :- Title Song – Tujhe Sai Milenge

2 :- Dukh Karta Sukh Karta

3 :- Sai Tere Dwar Pe

4 :- Sai Ka Pyara Naam

5 :- Sai Nirala Hai

6 :- Shirdi Wale Ki Phoolan

7 :- Mala Japiye Ji Japiye

8 :- Saare Hi Jahan Se Pyara

9 :- Hai Bada Dayalu Sai Mera.flv

10 :- Sai Masihaa Hain

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  3 Responses to “Videos from Album : Tujhe Sai Milenge”

  1. Great video and interesting website.

    • Pranams to the Lotus Feet of Shirdi Sai nath!

      This site is really gives ample support to our bhakthi to our beloved Bagawan!
      Either hearing the Songs or seeing the videos or reading the messages give immense joy and makes me Blissful!
      Wonderful site for all Sai bakthaas!
      Glory to Sai! Long live the team which anchors the site!

      Jai Sairam!!!


      • Thanks and we are just instrumental…for many days this website or radio runs on it own.. or the creator of this universe… its baba himself

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