Jan 172009

When you begin to meditate you may notice changes right away. You may fell less anxious or more alert. You may be better able to concentrate, have more energy, be more at ease socially, or be more powerful intellectually. Dont count on anything dramatic. Most changes happen slowly.

There is a wide variety of experinces you will have during meditation itself, such as feelings of a pleasant calmness, a sligh exhilaration or if you are fatigued, strong drowsiness. A common report is the feeling of mind speeding up. Actually, this is not what is happening, but rather your awareness is standing back a bit so that for the first time you notice the normal speediness of your thoughts. Other kinds of experiences can include seeing images with your eyes closed, hearing inner sounds, or having inner smells, tastes or new sensations in the body; these are less common. You may find a sense of spaciousness in your life, a new peace.

There is no best or right kind of experince in meditation; each session is as different and unique as each day of your life. If you have ideas of what should happen, you can become needlessly disappointed if your meditation doesn’t confirm to these expectations. At first meditation is likely to be novel, and  it’s easy to feel you are changing. After a while, there may be fewer dramatically novel experiences, and you may feel you’re not making any progress.  In fact, you may be making the most progress when you don’t feel anything particullarly significant is going on — the changes you undergo in meditation are often too subtle to detect accurately. Suspend judgment and let whatever comes and go.

I request people to share their experineces here.

—-May All Beings Be Happy—-



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  1. jsr
    i have heard a lot about meditating but i really do not know how to meditate. i have tried by closing my eyes and concentrating on aum but i really cant do it. can anyone show how we can do it??thanks.

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