Nov 142009

Jai Sairam,

Today its one year since Jay started Sai Bhakti Radio.  It gives me immense pleasure to express gratitude to Shirdi Saibaba for always being the protective guiding star, to Jay for starting this unique radio program and bringing lovely devotional music to our lives and to all the listeners and contributors who have helped Sai bhakti radio grow.
May Sai bhakti radio grow by leaps and bounds. Happy Birthday!!

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  One Response to “Happy Birthday Sai Bhakti Radio”

  1. Jai sai ram
    Long live our radio and our love for baba. It has been a year full of positivity in our lives after joining the radio. You have been my brother ever but by bringing baba in our life u have given the best gift. We are very thankful to saibhakt and saibhakti radio for the goodness that is now in our life i.e our sai baba. All the members,even the child members have contributed a lot in making our life better in such times when there are no positive influences in the world around by their posts in various threads. thank you all sai devotees!
    jai sai ram!

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