Jun 062009

There was once a great war between two countries. The war had been going on for some time and the soldiers were starting to feel tired of the long battle.

On a hot afternoon, a man in civilian clothes was riding past a small group of tired soldiers digging a huge pit. The group leader was shouting orders and threatening punishment if the work was not completed within the hour.

The man riding the horse stopped and asked, ” Sir, why are you only shouting orders? Why cant you help them yourself ? ” asked the stranger on horseback.

The group leader looked at him and replied, ” What do you mean? I am the leader. The men do as I tell them.” He then added, ” If you feel so strongly about helping them, you are welcome to do so yourself ! ”

The man got down from his horse and started walking up to the soldiers at work. The group leader was simply shocked! The man took up the tools and started helping the soldiers and worked with them till the job was finished !

Before leaving the man congratulated the soldiers for their work, and approached the group leader. He said, ” The next time your status prevents you from supporting your people, you should inform your higher authorities, and I will provide a more permanent solution, ”

The group leader was now completely surprised. Only now he looked closely at the man, and realised that the man was the army general !

The army general exhibited some key qualities that are important for a true leader :

Honesty and responsibility
Caring genuinely about people
Efficiency and lateral thinking skills
Attention to detail
Efficiency and effectiveness
Broad – based thinking and doing

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  1. Jai Sai Ram !
    Thanks once again for coming up with such a nice story!! We always look ahead for such inspirational stories to tell our kids!!
    Jai Sai Ram

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