May 162009

Interest comes from the mind, Intensity comes from the being.

A student approached a Zen teacher to learn Zen. The teacher told him, ” Hear the sound of one hand clapping.”

The student tried for three years and did not succeed. He was depressed that he could not do what his teacher had told him. He came in tears to the teacher saying he had to leave because he could not do what he had been told.

The teacher said, ” Wait for one more week, meditate constantly.” The student stayed for one more week and meditated. Nothing happened. The teacher said, ” Try for five more days.”

The student stayed further, yet nothing happened. The student came in despair begging to be released. Then the teacher said, ” Meditate for three more days. If you dont get enlightened, you had better kill yourself.”

The second day, the student was enlightened.

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