Dec 272008

Once upon a time, in a small town there lived a man who had two daughters. When they grew up, one was married to a farmer and the other to a brick maker. After a few years, the father wanted to see his daughters again. First he went to the farmer’s village. The girl was very happy to see her father and looked after his comforts with loving care. Her husband was also concerned with his father-in-law’s comfort and the father was pleased to see his daughter happily settled. He stayed for three days in their house, and decided to leave. Before going he asked his daughter, ” Can I do anything for you? ” The contented daughter smiled and said, ” Father, by your grace we have had good rains during these past years. That is why we are prosperous. Please pray to the Lord that the rains may also be good next year.”

Then the father went to the brick maker’s house. His second daughter and the son-in-law received him with love and respect. But the two days he stayed there revealed to him that all was not well with them. They seemed to be very poor. The daughter, though happy that her father had come, found it difficult even to provide food for him. He was sorry to find them thus. On the third day, when he was leaving, he asked the daughter whether he could do anything to help them. She wiped teh tears from her eyes and said, ” Father, God has been unkind for the past few years. It was raining all the time and we could not manufacture any bricks. All our business is gone. Please pray to the Lord to send sunshine and stop the rain next year. Then we will be able to pick up our business again.”

As the father walked towards his house, he mused over the requests of his two daughters. Should he pray for rain or for sunshine? If the rain came, the second would suffer; if the sun came, the first daughter would suffer. Then he thought, the Lord gives sunshine, the Lord gives rain. He alone knows what is best. We may safely leave everything in His hands.

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  2 Responses to “Leave It To The Lord”

  1. Baba says leave your brains aside and see things just happen…very nice story anandiji!!

  2. This is very nice example of living in rain and sun in our lives…

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