Mar 162009

Dear All,

This is my first poem I wrote today. Thanks for creating special kids corner for us. Why dont you ask other kids to share with me something over here.


साईं तू एक तेरे नाम है हज़ार 

साईं तू एक तेरे नाम है हज़ार
एक नाम कृष्ण तो दूजा है राम
मेरे साईं तू एक तेरे नाम है हज़ार
मुझमे है तू, सारे जगत में है तू
तेरी महिमा है अपरम्पार (२)
साईं तू एक तेरे नाम है हज़ार..
तेरा मान करू तेरा नाम ही लू
मैं बाल तेरा मेरा साईं है तू (२)
मुझसे प्यार करे तू हरदम साथ चले तू
साईं तू एक  तेरे नाम है हज़ार..
मेरे साईं तू एक तेरे नाम है हज़ार

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  12 Responses to “Poem By Jahnvi”

  1. JSR Saiesha,

    Wonderful poem , very soothing simple words like rest in my heart and soul… simply awesome. May our beloved Sai bless you all.

    Let me know if this Jay uncle can be of more help to all Dwarkamai kids..

    Bow to Sri Sai – Peace be to all !


  2. Saibaba, Saibaba rest in my heart and soul .
    You are the lord of the universe.. .Oh lord of the universe rest in my heart
    You are the Creator,Destroyer and Preserver.. Saibaba ,saibaba.
    Mother of the universe, father of the universe, light of the world….
    Saibaba ,Saibaba rest in my heart and soul.

    By Saiesha Shradha Sharma(8yrs)
    Hope You all like it!

  3. Little Jhanvi,

    Wonderfull !!!!!!!!!!!

    Fill our hearts with more poems.


  4. Wondreful poem Keep it up and lots of Baba’s blessings

  5. JSR: Unbelievable and very beautiful!
    I will encourage my 8 yr old to write their poem on this blog too!

  6. Just wonderful!!!

    Keep it up Jahnvi!

    Keep on writing!

    Jai sai Ram…

  7. Dear Anandi aunty and Kanta aunty
    Thank you very much for your appreciation and love.So nice of you.
    Jai Sai ram

  8. Dear mama
    Jai sai ram
    Thank you very much. Yes mummy helped me in typing in hindi, but i wrote it all by myself. Thank you again for starting this kids corner.
    Jai sai ram

  9. Dear Jhanvi,

    I just read this see what “SAI SAYS” today …………..

    God has created this beautiful world, and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty.


  10. Dear Jhanvi,

    It is really good one. BABA bless u. Keep it up. Sairam

  11. Wow Jhanvi, This is so good. I cant believe 8 year old can write this. I am so proud of you. Do you know Sai loves kids a lot. And I am sure he has read and listen to your poem. Did you type yourself in hindi or mommy helped you ?


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