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Jai Sairam, As you all must know by now that world famous singer Shailendra Bhartti is currently on the tour of U.S.A & U.K. and performing at various locations either at Sai Temples or at local Satsang Centers. Please contact him if you wish to invite him for any Bhajan Sandhya or other program. Its seems due to his short duration of the visit to U.S.A and other Diwali related schedule conflict I will miss listening him live this time. I spoke with him other evening and he immediately send me his latest pictures along with few clips which I am attaching in this article. In honor of his visit , we have scheduled broadcasting our “Album / Artist of the Week” slot dedicated to his songs and bhajans for next 2 continous weeks. Please check our Radio Schedule page and tune in to listen some wonderful bhajans sung by him. Along with some Maata , Hanumaanji’s Bhajans, I have also included all Saibaba bhajans from one of his earlier album “Chalo Sai Ke Dware Jaye” with Jahid Naza. To preview and check out some of his albums available to buy online , please visit : http://www.amazon.com/Shailendra-Bharti/dp/B000RR3KUS

Please enjoy these clips sent by none other than Shaliendra ji himself :

Please find the lyrics of the songs in the links below:

Sai teri moorat
Sai naam bada
Poocho tau mujhse

Shailendra Bhartti Shailendra Bhartti

For those who would like to know more about his profile or career background, Please read this short introductory paragraph :Shailendra Bhartti is a renowned singer with a rich artistic temperament and mellifluous voice. It certainly does take years and years of exacting training under an able guru to bring out a synthesis of voice modulation that he has been able to achieve. Hailing from a family with a background endowed with musical heritage, Shailendra started his tutelage at the early age of eight under his father and Guru Pandit Anand Kumar C. The musical atmosphere at home was well imbibed in his young mind and the young lad easily fused into the rhythmic ambience of his birthplace Rajasthan. Shailendra further trained and received early exposure to the intricacies and the nuances of the vocal, under the able guidance of the renowned Tabla and Vocal Maestro (Late) Pt. Bansilalji.Vidya or knowledge as we know can never cease, it is unending, it is unsurpassable. With his quest to learn the deeper strains of the music he had so far enhanced, Shailendra is carrying forward his taleem by now receiving training from Pt. Murli Manohar Sukhlaji, the doyen of the Kunwar Gosai Shyam Gharana.Shailendra can certainly be called a man of many moods. The enigma that his voice creates, has stirred many a listeners. He has the gifted touch in his voice, which effortlessly makes him guide from a semi-classical number to an Indi Pop. His basic weapon is his deep enticing voice and with it he can conquer any horizon ranging from classical music to light music.Shailendra has lent his voice a variety of jingles, T.V. serials and many regional films. He has the ability to pick up a language in its truest form. This quality led him to render his voice to a number of regional compositions. He has sung Sanskrit compositions for various T.V. serials. He has sung in Gujarati, Marathi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali and Telugu. ‘Music is an ongoing process where learning never ends’. As a singer, Shailendra’s performances have been seen by several religious leaders like Asa Ramji, Murari Babu, Shankaracharya, Monks from Ramkrishna Mission, Brahma Kumari and ISKCON. This is how he became attracted to Bhakti Sangeet. Even today, he is more inclined towards devotional music. He has cut over 50 devotional albums and composed music for more than 75

Courtesy : Artists-India Gallery

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  1. pls give me a copy of sai satcharitra grantha in hindi cd pack as per as possible (i am too poor) sai baba bhakta.

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