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Dear Sai Brothers & Sisters,

Sola Temple Small

Recently a devotee listener shared her experience about her miracle on this Radio. I wish that listener devotee to post her experience on Sai Bhakti Forums. Through that experience of her , I immediately recollected that the pose she saw Baba in , I had pictures of that since almost two months but had forgotten to post them here. I have immense faith in Baba and his ways , the way he lets us know if we are making any mistakes or what we needs to do in our path of devotions towards him. Believe me at every step ,every day I do come across such experiences with Baba , he has his ways of conveying the message. I immediately recollects about this photos and send the devotee listener asking is this the exact same pose you saw of Baba and your experience on this Radio website. She was very happy to see the picture in which she had seen the Baba , was exaclty the same I had sent. So I called up my sister and asked her that I have the pictures but maybe I didnt post it as I was waiting for some descriptions on that. She mentioned she was tied up as guest at home but will soon send me as soon as she gets some free time. In less than two days she sends me this write , I mean we have to believe that when Baba’s blessing , things happen so fast and always in the right away. I hope reading this , you faith towards Baba will increase manifold and you will experience him everyday in whatever you do, no matter wherever you are.


Now from Sister Darshana ….


Jai Sai Ram,


We all are devotees of shri Sai Baba who share our experiences with each other here on Sai Bhakti Radio. That gives us a chance of knowing more about our beloved Shri Saibaba. There are many temples of baba across the world. So i thought that why dont we all share our knowledge with each other and give information about baba`s temples the way we share his bhajans. So let us start with one entirely unique temple of baba.


This temple is at Sola road char rasta, Ahmedabad.


While visiting ahmedabad bhai jay had told me to keep a look for an unique sai temple where in there is a sleeping murti of shri sai. We searched for sola road and somehow managed to reach there, but the temple was closed as it was noon. Still we thought of taking a look inside. We climbed the steps and could see Baba`s murti like the one in samadhi mandir shirdi from the closed grill. So I thought naa this is not the one bhai had told about!!


We did darshan and were about to get back in our car, and I just thought let’s ask someone if there`s another temple around.  When I turned back I saw a small door open in the basement..And one man was sleeping there and behind him was something like a statue!!


We asked that man who was half asleep if we could step in, he said go ahead. And there was this murti of baba which bhai had told me of!! Baba was resting his head on one hand and sleeping below the tree. And friends it was really a sight..Let me not say anything further but share some wonderful pictures with you…

Click on any thumbnail below to see a slideshow of all the pictures in full size.

solatemple pictures solatemple pictures solatemple pictures
solatemple pictures solatemple pictures solatemple pictures
solatemple pictures solatemple pictures
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  One Response to “Shirdi Sai Mandir , Sola Road”

  1. Dear Jay:
    Firstly much thanks to my dearest SAI for coming in my dreams.Thank you Jay for opening your radio and responding to me when I asked or shared.Baba’s unique way of telling us that we all are connected with him.No one is different from SAI.
    I dreamt of Sai exactly as this picture,looking at me.The same day,I dreamt of him I turned Saibhakti radio, I felt baba telling me to surf on the website.While aarti was playing I started to read Swami Sharan’s blog on this website.As I finished reading,I wrote to Jay.Thanking him for posting this blog. I also felt baba sleeping in my dreams and me reading this article was a miracle.
    But wait,in a day or so Jay forwarded me this picture, and I was moved this is how I saw baba in my dreams.
    May HE always shower his grace on us and most importantly be with us …ALWAYS..
    In Sai’s Love and Light, namita

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