Apr 162009

Extra 12 coach rake for Lonavala

Express News Service Posted online: Friday , Apr 17, 2009 at 0218 hrs

Pune : The railway administration has decided to run one more 12 coach rake between Pune to Lonavala to clear the extra rush on trial basis for one month. Monday to Wednesday there will be 20 services of 12 car rake i.e. Pune to Lonavala leaving Pune L-4 at 04.25hrs, L-8 at 06.30hrs, L-10 at 08.00hrs, L-12 at 10.05hrs, L-16 at 12.00hrs, L-22 at 16.30hrs, L-26 at 19.00hrs, L-30 at 20.00hrs , L-34 at 22.10hrs & T-6 at 15.00hrs.

Vice a versa-Lonavala to Pune leaving Lonavala L-3 at 06.15hrs, L-7 at 08.15hrs, L-9 at 10.05hrs, L-11 at 11.50hrs, L-15 at 14.55hrs, L-21 at 18.20hrs, L-25 at 20.40hrs, L-27 at 21.45hrs, L- 33 at 23.45hrs.& T-5 leaving Talegaon at 16.00hrs.

Thursday to Sunday there will be 18 services of 12 car rake i.e. L4/L3,L7/L8, L10/L9, L16/L15, L18/L17, L22/21, L26/L25, L30/L-27, L33/L34. The Central Railway will run Special Trains between Chennai Egmore and Sainagar Shirdi to clear the extra rush of passengers. The 0677 special will leave Chennai Egmore on every Tuesday at 15.00 hours from 21.4.2009 to 23.6.2009 (10 trips) and arrive Sainagar Shirdi at 16.45 hours next day. The 0678 Special will leave Sainagar Shirdi on every Thursday at 08.00 hrs from 23.4.2009 to 25.6.2009 (10 trips) and arrive Chennai Egmore at 11.45 hrs next day.

The halts will be at Perambur, Arakkonam, Renigunta, Koduru, Razampeta, Nandalur, Cuddappah, Kamalapuram, Yerraguntla, Muddanaru, Kondapuram, Tadipatri, Gooty, Guntakal, Adoni, Mantralayam Road, Raichur, Krishna, Yadgir, Wadi, Gulbarga, Solapur, Kurduwadi, Daund, Ahmednagar, Belapur, Puntamba stations.

The composition of train includes 13 Sleeper class, one AC-2 Tier, Two AC-3 Tier, 3 general second class and 2 general second class cum brake vans.

Sources : http://www.indianexpress.com/news/extra-12-coach-rake-for-lonavala/448014/0


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