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Sri Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, was sent to live in the jungle for fourteen years. He needed to be in exile to fulfill his father’s words. His wife, Sita and his brother Lakshmana went with him. Ravana, the wicked ruler of Lanka kidnapped Sita when they were in the forest.

Rama wanted to rescue Sita but there was a problem. he wasnt a prince any longer, but he had to go to Lanka to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana. Another big challenge was the large ocean which divided the two countries. Sita was on the island of Lanka, and Rama was on the Indian mainland. Rama knew that Ravana had a big, powerful army. He would not surrender Sita without a fight. Rama was faced with an additional challenge. He had to build a bridge that could take his army across the sea.

Rama asked one of his devotees, Jambavan, to plan and build a bridge across the ocean. Jambavan belonged to the bear clan. He was one of the wise old bears who helped Rama in his afforts to bring back Sita. Rama also sought the help of Hanuman. Hanuman was a deep and sincere devotee of Rama. He loved Rama and was glad to serve him in any possible way. Hanuman belonged to the monkey clan. Rama ordered Hanuman to fly across the ocean to find Sita.

Hanuman said, ” Oh Lord, you have asked Jambavan to build the bridge and you ask me to fly to Lanka. How can I do it? Rama replied, ” You simply chant the name Rama and you will be able to succeed. The vibration that fills your being from chanting the name of Rama and your faith in me is more powerful than even my physical form.” With the name of Rama on his lips, Hanuman flew across the ocean and rescued Sita.

Parmahamsa Nithyananda says, ” When we work with real devotion we can accomplish great things which otherwise seem impossible.

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