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A great sage lived in a hut deep in the forest. One night he was surprised to hear someone knock on his door. A poorly dressed man stood at the door and asked the sage, ” Can I stay here tonight? I will leave tomorrow morning.”

The said said, ” You are welcome. Please come and stay.” The next morning, the sage asked, ” Who are you? Where are you from? ” Please dont be frightened,” answered the man, ” I am a thief. Last night, I robbed the king’s palace and escaped. I came to your hut. I am very happy that you took care of me and gave me food and shelter. I am leaving now, please bless me.” And the thief left.

Hearing his story, the sage was very upset. He thought, ” I have committed a big sin by giving a bed and food to a thief! ” The sage began to weep and wanted to wash away his great sin.

He prayed and prayed,” O God! Please forgive me! I dont know what I should do to remove this sin. I gave shelter and food to a thief for one full night. Please forgive me.”

Suddenly he heard a voice from heaven. The voice was weeping too. The sage was surprised. He stopped crying and asked,” Whos is this weeping?” From high above the voice said, ” I am God weeping.” “Why are you weeping? ” asked the sage. God replied,” You took care of the thief for one day and you think tat it is a big sin. I give food and shelter to him everyday ! I give shelter to many others like him as well. Where will I go to wash my sins? That is why I am weeping!”

The sage realised then, that he thought he was better than the thief and that is why he cried. He realied that because of his eg, he felt he was superior to the thief. He had missed the understanding that everyone is same in the eyes of God. He realised that only circumstances and upbringing cause people to behave in certain ways. He begged for forgiveness.

The sun shines on all of the creation without reservation. So too, existance showers all of us abunduntly without exception. I God’s eyes there is no saint and no sinner.

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