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A certain merchant sent his son to the wisest of all men to learn the Secret of Happiness. The youth walked during forty days by a desert until he arrived to a beautiful castle, at the top of a mountain. There lived the wise one he was looking for.
However, instead of finding a holy man, our hero entered into a large room and he saw an immense activity; merchants entered and left, people conversing at the corners, a small orchestra playing soft melodies and a table full with the most delicious dishes of that region of the world.

The sage conversed with everybody, and the youth had to wait two hours to be attended. The sage listened attentively to the motive of his visit, but said that at that moment he did not have time to explain the Secret of Happiness. He suggested him to take a walk through the palace and to return two hours later.

“But I want to ask you a favor,” added the sage giving him a little spoon of tea in which he poured two drops of oil. “While walking, carry this little spoon with the oil and take care that the oils does not get spilled.”

The young man started to climb and descend the stairs of the palace maintaining always his eyes fixed on the spoon. After the two hours had passed, he returned to the presence of the sage.
“How are you? ” asked the sage. “Did you see the Persian tapestry in my dining room? Did you see the garden that the Master of Gardeners took ten years to create? Did you notice the beautiful parchments of my library?”

The youth embarrassed, confessed that he had not seen anything. His only worry had been not to spill the drops of oil the sage had entrusted him.

“So then go back and know the marvels of my world,” the Sage said. “You cannot trust a man without knowing his house.”

Already more relaxed, the youth took again the spoon and went back to stroll through the palace, this time looking with attention to all the works of art adorning the ceiling and the walls.

He saw the gardens, the mountains surrounding them, the delicacy of the flowers, the care with which every work of art was placed on its place. After returning to the presence of the Sage, he recounted in detail all he had seen.
“But where are the two drops of oils I entrusted you?” asked the Sage. The young one looked at the spoon and noticed he had spilled them.

“So this is the only advise I can give you.” said the Wisest of all the Wise One. “The Secret of Happiness is in looking to all the marvels of the world, but without ever forgetting the two drops of oils in the spoon.”

“The Secret of Happiness is in knowing to enjoy the greatest pleasures of life without forgetting the little things we have in our reach”

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