Dec 052008

What do we learn from our body?

God has given us a wonderful body. It serves us very well. At the same time the different limbs of the body convey a message of God to us.

The legs always walk forward and never backward. So too God tells us always to improve and not to become worse.

The tongue is soft and pliable. Therefore it is able to do the double job of eating and talking. God thus exhorts us to be soft and pliable in our nature so that we can do double the work that others do.

The fist is made in such a way that it opens and shuts. The Lord tells us that our life should consist of both giving and taking. Giving alone is bad, so too spending alone.

God gave us two eyes and two ears but only one mouth. Thereby he tells us to see and hear plenty but talk little.

God has put the heaviest part of the body namely the head on the shoulders and makes us carry it throughout our life. He wants us not to bear the burden of it alone but make use of it as the headlight to illumine the life.

God has put one frail tongue in the middle of thirty two sharp teeth. Yet the tongue is not afraid. It puts faith in the teeth and gets along with them smoothly. So too God expects us to put faith in our fellow beings and get along with them in a friendly way.

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  1. What a co-incidence, few days back at the temple one of the devotee of our beloved Baba by the name of Manju ji sang a self composed bhajan thanking that all the parts of our body(eyes, ears, hands , feets, etc.) is blessed by doing various task in the service of our Baba. I will try to see if I can get a write up of that bhajan, will sure post it here.

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