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Deh Devache Mandir

Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram

देह देवाचे मंदिर, आत आत्मा परमेश्वर ॥
Deh devahe mandir, aat aatma parameshwar  ॥

Meaning – This body is the temple of god, inside is God in the form of the soul

जशी उसात हो साखर, तसा देहात हो ईश्वर  ॥
Jashi usaat ho saakhar, tasa dehaat ho ishwar  ॥

Meaning – Like there is sugar in sugarcane, just like that God resides in our heart/soul

जसे दुग्धामध्ये लोणी, तसा देही चक्रपाणि ॥
Jase dugdha madhye loni, tasa dehi chakrapani  ॥

Meaning – Like there is butter in milk, just like that God resides in our heart/soul

देव देहात देहात, का हो जाता देवळात  ॥
Dev dehaat dehaat, ka ho jaata devalaat  ॥

Meaning – God is in our heart/soul only, why do you go to the temple

तुका सांगे मूढ जना, देही देव का पहाना ॥
Tuka saange moodha jana, dehi dev ka pahana  ॥

Meaning – Tukaram says O fools/ ignorants, why cant you see God in your heart/souls



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