Oct 052010

Keshava Madhava

Keshava Madhva tujhya naamaat re godwa

Sri Krishna there is sweetness in your name

Tujhya sarkha tuch deva tula kunacha nahi hewa

There is no one like u O Sri Krishna , u r not jealous of anyone

Veloveli sankatuni taarisi maanavaa

From time to time you save humans from troubles

Veda houni bhaktisaathi gopgadya sah yamuna kathi

Crazy for devotion, you were with the gopas[ cowherds ] at the Yamuna shore

Nanda gharachya gai hakashi gokuli yadava

O Yadav of Gokul, you looked after the cows of Nand

Veer dhanurdhar parthasathi chakra sudharshan gheuni hati

For the valiant archer Paarth [ Arjun ] , you took the Sudarshan chakra

Rath hakuniya padwancha palvishi kaurava

You were the charioteer of the Pandavas who vanquished the Kauravas

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