Oct 072010

Durga is the mother of all and all-powerful in her nature. She is also know as Ambika, Rudrani, Amba, Bhavani, Katyani, Uma, Jagaddhatri etc…… Durga combines the characteristics of Maheshwari and Mahakali to a certain context, – there is not much connection with Mahalakshmi. Druga is the mother’s power of protection. The lion with Durga on it is the symbol of the divine consciousness acting through a divinished physical-vital and vital-imotional force. The lion is the attribute of the Goddess Durga, the conquering and protecting aspect of the Universal Mother.


Hetuh samastajagatam trigunadidosair
na jnayase hariharadibhirapyapara
Sarvashrayakhilamidam jagadamsabhutam
avyakrta hi parama prakrtistvamadya

 Thou art the cause of all the worlds. Thou art endowed with the primordial energy which produces the phenomenon, yet thou art known to be transcendent and faultless. Incomprehensible Thou art even to the greatest of the gods. Thou art the refuge to all. The whole world is but a part of thee. Thou art the unmanifest primordial Supreme Creator.

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