Oct 082010

Lakshmi is not only the goddess of fortune and wealth but is also an embodiment of lovliness, grace, charm, beauty and harmony. Lakshmi has various names: Sri, Indira, Kamala, Lokamata, Jaladhija [ born to the ocean ], Haripriya [ beloved of Lord Vishnu ]etc…… Born seated on the lotus flower, she is called Padma. Harmony and beauty of the mind and soul, harmony and beauty of the thoughts and feelings, harmony and beauty in every outward act and movement, harmony and beauty of the life and surroundings, this is the demand of Mahalakshmi. Where love and beauty are not, or reluctant to be born, she does not come; where they are mixed and disfigured with baser things, she turns soon to depart or care little to pour her riches. Through love and beauty she lays men the yoke of the divine.


Putri payonidheh, punya vaikunthavibhuvallabha

Sammurta sushma saakshaat padmasadmanivasini


O goddess Lakshmi, Thou art the daughter of the ocean, Thou art pure, the consort of Lord Vishnu. O Mother, Thou, with Thy abode in lotus, art beauty incarnate.

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