May 162009

The best technique to realize the ultimate is to Surrender. Parmahamsa Nithyananda says, there are three levels of surrender. Surrender of the intellect, surrender of emotions and surrender of your very senses.

Here is a beautiful story of surrender of senses to his master.

After the Mahabharata war, when Krishna and Arjuna are relaxing, Krishna says, ” Hey ! Arjuna, look there, there is a green crow !”
Arjuna says, ” Beautiful ! A green crow !” Krishna says, ” Fool it is black, not green.” Arjuna says, ” Yes Krishna ! It is black not green ”
Krishna asks, ” What has happened to you? When I say green you say green. When I say black, you say black. What is going on with you? ”
Arjuna says, ” Krishna, let me be honest. I dont know what colour that crow is. But when you said green I saw it as green. When you said black I saw it as black. I know nothing else ! ”

Arjuna’s senses trusted Krishna. He trusted the master’s senses much more than his own !.

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