Jun 262009

Sant Dnyaneshwar

When Dnyaneshwar Maharaj completed his Jnaneshwari commentary on the Bhagwad Geeta, he had accomplished his noble mission. At that moment, he requested the divine blessings that a student customarily asks of one’s Guru. Sri Dnyaneshwar’s guru was Nivrittinath Maharaj, whom he recognises as the Lord of the Universe or ” Vishvatmake Deve ” Dnyaneshwar Mahahraj called his spiritual master the Universal Lord. At the end of the prayer, Shri Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is assured by the Lord of His grace. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj received the blessing Pasayadana from his Lord and Guru Nivrittinatha Maharaj. The name Pasayadan comes from this blessing


aata visvatmake deve I yene vagyajne toshavem II
toshoni maja dyaave I pasayadan he II

Now, O Universal Lord!
Be pleased with my verbal offerings
Being pleased, grant me your divine blessing.

je khalamchii vyamkatii saando I taya satkarmim rati vadho II
bhootam parasparem pado I maitra jeevamchem II

May the wicked discard his wickedness,
And may they kindle their interest in good deeds
May all living beings love one another as soul mates.

duritaachem timira jaavo I vishwa swadharmesurye paho II
jo jem vaamchila to tem laaho II praanijata II

May the darkness of ignorance depart, and
May the universe behold its sun of Self – consciousness
May whatever desires of whosoever be fulfilled mutually
By all the creatures of the world

varshata sakal mangalim I ishwarnishtamchi maandiyalii II
anavarat bhoomandali I bhettu bhootam II

May the saints shower piousness upon the congregation.
May pious souls become embodied continuously
on earth in order to meet with all living beings.

chalam kalpatarunchem aavara I chetanaanchitaamaniche gaavam II
bolate je arnava II piyushamche II

As a moving grove of wish fulfilling trees
Or a town [ whose citizens are all ] Jewels of Consciousness,
The pious ones are like a talking ocean
speaking messages of divine nectar of all beings

chandramem je alamchana I martanda je taaphina II
te sarvaamhi sada sajjana I soyare hotu II

As a moon that is unblemished or
as a sun without the scorching heat,
always being gentle to all
May they become kith and kin to all

kimbahuna sarvasukhim I purna houni tinhi lokim II
bhajijo aadipurukhim I akhandita II

Moreover, being fully contented, and
satisfied in all the three worlds,
may they worship the supreme being

aani grantopajeeviye I visheshim lokim iyeem II
drushtadrushta vijayem I hoaave ji II

May those who live by the divine scriptures
especially in this world
interact in the seen and unseen worlds
to become victorious

yetha mhane shree vishveshwaraavo I ha hoilal daana pasavo II
yene varem dnyaanadeva I sukhiya zhaala II

Here, says the Lord of the universe,
These requests will be divinely fulfilled

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