Mar 202009

Hello my name is Komal and I am 8 years old. Two times Sai baba came into my dreams and I saw him in bright white robe that my daddy says is called kafani in India. At first I saw our temple murti in my dream and immediately Saibaba came out from the murti and was walking towards us where we were doing bhajans and dancing. We all took his darshan and he raised his one hands and said something in hindi like “Sabka bhala ho” which now I don’t remember completely.


I’m going to tell you couple of reasons why I love going to the Sai mandir here in my town. One reason is I made lots of new friends there and I got nice darshan of sai every time. Also I come sharp at aarti time because it’s fun singing the aarti along with other parents. My favorite aarti is dhoop aarti.Another reason why I love the temple is because I love passing out Prashad to the bhakhtas. You should come and take darshan someday. The temple is located 1827 bridge st.  Come soon!

Jai Sairam Sincerely ,


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  2 Responses to “Why I like to go to Sai temple in my town”

  1. hello komal jai sai ram sister
    how are you?? It must be fun distributing prasad na??? We also do it but only when we have kirtan in our house.Think of some nice idea for our kids corner na!!
    Jai sai ram

  2. Dear Komal
    Jai Sai Ram
    It is so nice to see a small child like u to go to temple regularly…that too in USA.Indeed Baba has blessed you in your dream..YOu are very lucky to have his darshan which even grown ups like are wanting !!
    I will surely inspire my children to do such prasad seva..maybe they can also make good friends who are involved in baba`s work instead of loitering around!!
    Very good example you are putting up for others…keep it up!!
    we will surely visit ur temple when we come to US.til then do send us photographs of the same..God Bless you!!
    Jai Sai Ram

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