Feb 242010

Ghanashyama Sundara Shridhara

Ghanashyama sundara shridhara arunoday zhala
Uthi lavkari vanmali udayachali mitra aala


Anand kanda prabhat zhali uthi sarali raati
Kaadhi dhaar kshirpaatr gheuni dhenu hambarati
Lakshataati vaa sure hari dhenu stanapaanala
Uthi lavkari vanmali udayachali mitra aala

Ghanashyama sundara

Saayankali ekemeli dwijagan avghe vrukshi
Arunoday hotachi udaale charavaya pakshi
Prabhaat kaali uthuni kavadi teerth path lakshi
Karuni sada sammarjan gopi kumbh gheuni kukshi
Yamuna jalasi jaati mukunda dadhyo dhan bhakshi

Ghanashyama sundara shridhara arunoday zhala
Uthi lavkari vanmali udayachali mitra aala

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  8 Responses to “Ghanashyam Sundara Shridhara”


  2. hai friends,

    i heard this song at my friends home and loved the way it is. I have learnt it but i dont know the Meaning of the song can some help me with the lyrics. i wanted sing this in the Mandir. Please help me………

  3. Finally Icould get the song I wanted for many years. I am very happy to-day.
    May God bless you all. (i.e. Those who uploaded and those who reached this place and enjoyed.)

  4. dis nice atleast i found it……
    ufff……….dis song is really meaningfull

  5. Jai Sairam !

    Please enjoy this immortal song of ” Dawn ” with translations.

    Ghanashyama Sundara is classed amongst the very best pieces of ” Bhoopali ” songs ever composed. Shaheer Honaji Bala who wrote this song was a milkman by profession. The movie ” Amar Bhoopali ” is about the life of Honaji Bala.

    Two more stanzas, which are not included in the commercial audios ….

    muktata hou paahe kamalini paasuni bhramara
    poorva dishe mukha dhutale hotase naasha timira

    koti ravi huna tej aagale tujhiya vadanala
    Honaji ha nitya dhyatase hridayi naama mala

    Enjoy the full version of this classic song!

  6. Could anyone please post the meaning of the song……….

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